Thursday, August 22, 2013

Watermelon Refresher

   Lately I have been obsessed with yellow watermelon. I stumbled upon it at the market a few weeks ago and been lovin' on it so much that I have eaten 4 in the past two weeks. Have you ever had yellow watermelon? If you haven't, do it!

 So...The other day my friend at Pepper Design posted a delicious recipe (and inticing photos) for a Cantaloupe + Basil Summer Blend.  I laid in bed dreaming of drinking pitchers of it. My mind started twirling and I thought hmmmmm, I have some watermelon in the fridge. Maybe I could make a summer drink with that?

Today, I did just that.

Watermelon Refresher 

2 cups watermelon
8 ice cubes
1 sprig of mint, 7-10 leaves 

Blend that baby up and Voila! As quick as that, I am sipping a glass of watermelon juice on this lovely summer day.  


Here's a peek into what yellow
watermelon looks like. Now go buy one!