Monday, December 31, 2012

Giving Shoes a Face Lift: Part Two

It's a Brand New Pair of Shoes! Well... sort of :-)

Mod Podge became my new friend this past week. I had another favorite pair of comfy, worn in flats that needed to be dumped in the trash (NOOOOO!) or revamped into some fancy footwear. After Mod Podge-ing fabric onto another pair of shoes, I thought it would be cute to glitter some. I have seen so many fancy glitter flats & heels at the stores, and BINGO! - new craft idea for me. 

Step One: Pick your shoes and favorite glitter! 
 Step Two:  Mod Podge the toe of your shoe. Then sprinkle on glitter.  Glue & glitter, part by part.  (Note: after the fact, I decided it would have been better to polish or spray paint the shoe black first)
Step Three:  Continue applying Mod Podge and glitter away..  (pardon the blurry pics, my camera was having a hiccup!)
Step Four: Finished applying & glittering.   Then repeat with a 2nd coat of Mod Podge & glitter. Allow to dry for about an hour. 
Step Five: Brush with Satin Varnish or spray with Satin Finish  to seal the glitter.  Nothing worse than sparkles all over! Actually, I can think of many worse things. But it sure creates a mess. Winking smile *update: My shoes began to crackle once the Varnish dried, so I am trying the shoes again with a spray glaze over instead. Mod Podge will work also, but I was worried my matte finish would de-sparkle the glitter
Now I have some twinkle toes of my own!
Perfect for New Year's Eve, whether you are out & about or cozy on your couch.
Time to shine on in 2013!


  1. Both of your shoe tutorials are AWESOME! Question - do you notice glitter coming off days after? So tempted to do this...

    1. Thank you Morgan! The glitter hasn't been coming off, since I put the satin finish on it. BUT, I will suggest making sure your Mod Podge and glitter layers are thin because I am noticing a few thicker areas on the shoe are crackling a bit. So keep it thin and if you have glossy Mod Podge, then that should work as a sealer too. I used Matte Mod Podge & the Satin finish so the glitter still sparkled :)

      While researching glitter flats, I also saw the idea of mixing your glitter with the Mod Podge so it was just one thing to put on. Could be another option so there aren't so many layers.

      I haven't had any issues with the fabric shoes! I've worn them a few times and they are great!