Monday, November 28, 2011

My first post!

I have been thinking about writing a blog for quite some time now. I think the idea started a few years back when blogging was becoming popular.   I thought, hmm.. I could write about my journey of a new running hobby. Or maybe I could write about my quest to accomplish 30 new and old things before I turned 30. Maybe people would want to read about my life? Then the thought disappeared.  Finally, about a month ago I decided it was time! I recently hosted a baby shower with my mom and felt so inspired! I didn't want that feeling of happiness and accomplishment to disappear.  I wanted to stay motivated and inspired and hopefully share those feelings with you. There is still some fine tuning that needs to be done but I hope this blog can serve as a place for sharing ideas of my own and ones that I find. For now, I will focus on cooking, crafting and creating a life of happiness. 

What are the C's in your life?

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