Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tri Tip Tortilla-less Soup

I am a big fan of tortilla soup and a few weeks back when I made Slow Cooker Tri-Tip, I had an idea to use the leftover meat in a "tortilla" soup. After the slow cooker, I froze half of the shredded tri tip so it was easy to use when ready.

There is no special recipe, just a hodge podge of veggies and spices.  The fun thing is you can make it vegetarian or with meat, spicy or mild, creamy or brothy (yes, I just made that word up). 

Tri Tip Tortilla-less Soup
2 cups broth of choice
2 cups shredded tri-tip
1 can black beans
1 can corn kernels
1 can diced tomatoes (with green chiles adds extra spice)
1 chopped yellow or white onion
1-2 chopped jalapenos, depending on size
Chili Powder
Cayenne Pepper 
Salt & Pepper
Avocado, cheese, corn and beans for topping

Canned veggies make it quick and easy
 Boil the broth, corn, beans, tomatoes and meat for a few minutes and then reduce to simmer
 Coarsely chopped jalapeno and onion
In they go... time for some simmering and spices
Look at all that meaty goodness!
 Chop some avocado and squeeze in fresh lime when soup is ready to be served
 Enjoy a hearty meal!

Don't forget you can always divide the extra portions and freeze for lunches or quick-fix dinners down the road... All my tri-tip is gone now, what next?

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