Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Cheer

One of my favorite family Christmas traditions is the mostaccioli and Italian sausage meal we eat during the holidays.  We ate it every year at our huge family gathering when I was growing up, which was usually on Christmas Eve.  Now with the family growing bigger and bigger, we do our family Christmas the weekend before Christmas.  Since our Italian meal was moved further from Christmas Day, my dad and I started to insist that we still have our own small traditional meal on Christmas Eve or Day.  And a new tradition was born - Christmas Eve mass and then mostaccioli and sausage back at my parents' house after.

 Antipasto & cheese to start off
 Some sausages in fry pan... My dad and I like some crispy, the rest get cooked in the sauce!
   Sauce simmering, flavored by the sausage                   A huge bottle of Holiday Reserve Zin
 Not family Christmas unless some of the bread gets burnt
We also enjoyed cannoli's and my grandmas famous nutballs. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of those!! Take my word for it, they were delicious. 

My Christmas Day was leisurely and relaxing with my parents. We opened stockings (one of my favorite things as a kid) and my mom made English muffin french toast. Of course my dad and I reheated some sausage from the night before. Good times napping on the couch, nibbling on small bites and a movie in the afternoon.   I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

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