Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pure Barre

 So back in June I bought a Groupon for 5 classes at Pure Barre Hillcrest. FINALLY, I have a chance to go use those classes. I am dealing with a little leg injury from running and had decided to take the week off from my half marathon training.   Break from running and winter break = time to try new fitness classes. I know lately I have been slacking on my workouts and my body is recovering slower from runs, but Pure Barre killed me today!  2 minutes into the class my arms and legs were shaking.  It started with a quick marching and warm-up and I was definitely warm! We focused on different parts of the body for 6-8 minutes and then would move on to the next body part. The class was quick moving, so my heart rate was up (bonus points!). We used lightweights, the ballet barre, resistance bands, a small squeezy ball and our own core muscles. Each tool was used to make sure your core muscles were the only thing working to move your body.  Each squeeze from my glutes or abs would create motion in my other muscles. Feel the burn! I made it through the 55 minute class with compliments from the instructor and of course loved the great workout. I am dying to figure out how I can afford continuing after my 5 classes are up!

Here is a picture from their website, to give you an idea of some "tuck-and-squeeze" exercises we did

I wonder if I will be able to make it back tomorrow? I did go on a long walk this afternoon to keep muscles warm. It would be a nice way to squeeze in a few more workouts before Christmas!


  1. Kudos to you if you can make it to class tomorrow! I bought a 1-month unlimited package when Pure Barre Hillcrest opened last spring, and it made this former athlete feel like a wimp! My legs were shaking SO much during class and the next day, I felt worse than if I had done 1,000 lunges.

  2. yikes! I am scared to see how I feel tomorrow!! Thanks for reading my blog Christine :)