Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No More Excuses

So this week started off with a major lack of exercise, three days of pure laziness. Lots of tiredness and excuses. I know sometimes we need a break, but I am quite disappointed with some of the unhealthy choices I've made in the past few days. So instead of dwelling on that, I thought I would reflect back on the past two week's workouts.  Are you checking in on your workouts, too?  Last week, I filled my fridge with fresh groceries so I have been eating healthy (with some easter candy here and there) and have seen changes in the last month or so... but, I still feel like I could do more if I really want to see a change in my running, body & energy level.

Last Week's Workouts:
Sunday - day off
Monday - 5 mile run & Body Attack class at 24 hour (1 hour of crazy cardio)
Tuesday - 1 hour Hot Fusion Yoga
Wednesday - 3 mile run & 1 hour Yoga
Thursday -  1 hour Power Yoga
Friday - 5 mile run
Saturday - 1 hour Hot Fusion Yoga
  *I did a smokin' job last week, but could definitely do more.

This Week's Workouts:
Sunday - day off
Monday - stayed out too late Sunday night
Tuesday - still recovering from Sunday (yikes!)
Wednesday - 5 mile run & 1 hour Heated Yoga

Goals for the rest of the week:
Thursday - short run & Yoga
Friday - possible long run
Saturday - short run & Hot Yoga
Sunday - attempt to ride my new road bike, so it isn't just a decoration in my living room

I'll report back and see how I do the rest of the week. I am still working on getting my running mileage back up, its taking a while but I am doing my best to avoid injury again. My girlfriends and I are heading out of town next week so it's time to continue serious pre-vacation sweating! 

How's your fitness? Are you fueling your body correctly?

Challenge yourself to do one extra day of exercise, 20 more minutes, go an extra mile or try a new fitness class.

I need to quit the excuses and do more!

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  1. This all looks so delicious !!! and fun too.