Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wonderfully Weird in Austin

I spent last weekend in Austin and just had to share a few bunch of fun things we saw, tasted and laughed at in that fabulous town!

First meal in town... fried pickles & a cold beverage 
 Quinoa & Carrot Salad at Hickory Street
   Hundreds of beautiful boots
   Food trucks on South Congress
Buffalo chicken sandwiches - Jalapeno/onion/cilantro/amazing flavor Sausage - Truffle Oil Fries
 "Welcome to Texas!" 
1) Shoot tequila out of jalapeno 
2) Lick the chili & salt off rim of jalapeno
3) Shoot the rest of the the tequila
4) Feel the burn for a few minutes
 Found at your local Austin 7-11. Look you can even make sushi with it!
 Pickle Shots & Greyhounds
Pickle Shot: Shoot some Tito's vodka, chase it with a glass of pickle juice
Surprisingly delish!
 $2 slices at Home Slice Pizza
Highlight of the trip - Live music all day & couples showing off their dance moves
Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes & Thai Green Beans
(Sorry for the awful lighting but I just had to capture this..)

Visit this city if you can. Highly recommended.


  1. That chili shooter thing looks insane !!!!

    1. It was spicy, yet mild at the same time!

  2. Jalapeno shot!?! Maybe I need to try that..

    1. Tammy, you definitely need to try it. I am sure I will bust them out at a summer BBQ soon!

  3. I'd heard Austin was awesome, but now I really want to visit!

    1. Joanna, it is a place to see! I wish we had more time there - so many little nooks & crannies to visit.