Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Sweat Stats 4/23-4/29

My friend Tammy recaps her workouts on Mondays and it is always so motivating. A few weeks back, she challenged friends and her followers to also post their weekly workouts.  There is something about making it public that holds you accountable.  So I am going to join her in Monday recaps from the previous week's workouts, I hope I can remember to post Mondays!

This past week was my last week of a month long vacation from work.  I teach at a year-round school, so we have month breaks instead of only a few weeks.  Aside from eating healthy, I wanted to get in as much exercise and variety as I could. 

Ooooh, something super exciting happened this week.... I finally bought a bike helmet so I was able to take my new road bike out for its first ride! Also, I have a half marathon in three weeks, not sure how my legs will decide to work that weekend but I am very excited to travel to Portland and see another new city! 

Here are my sweat stats for the past week:

Week of 4/23-4/29

Monday: day off
Tuesday: 6.5 mile run
Wednesday: 8 mile trail run, Hot Yoga
Thursday: 1 hour walk
Friday:  10 mile bike ride (my first one ever!!)
Saturday: 6 mile hilly run
Sunday:  2.5 mile run, Hot Yoga

Pretty good, my legs are finally coming back to me but the running is still so heavy. I've been frustrated with how slow my runs have been lately. It sounds weird, but if I push a little and speed gets easier. Maybe I need to try more of that??  Exercise, some nice evenings with friends & good meals helped me feel "myself" again.
Excited for the fun week ahead...Padres game with friends, bike workout, tap class, oh and some running in there too.   Back to work tomorrow after no school for a month!! I can't wait to see my kiddos!


  1. Nice job, chica! Looking forward to riding with you one of these days!

  2. Sat - 5K walk
    Sun - 45 min treadmill
    Mon - l hr TRX
    Tues - 5 min Bike and 55 min Zumba
    Wed - 20min bike and 45 sports drill
    Thurs - 5:30 am Boot camp !!! and 20 min treadmill
    Your momma is ready to collapse !!!!