Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kitchens & Casas

I normally don't go out to eat for dinner, but during spring break I was treating myself to trying new places and meeting up with friends when I would normally opt for cooking in my own kitchen after a workout.  When you get the chance, check out both of these new spots in San Diego!

I was really excited to try out a place that opened near my house a few months ago, Casa de Luz. The restaurant serves a plant-based cuisine and a menu that changes daily. Their produce is fresh, they compost and the place is a community set-up... one big vegetable home! Okay, the vegetables aren't growing out of the walls or anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

I was able to have lunch at Casa de Luz with a friend who started eating vegan a few years. She is a beautiful, strong woman who is committed to her health.  We chatted about life over some of the most delectable foods & organic beer.   I am not planning on going vegan, but it is nice to know that tasty & hearty foods are still available when eating plant-based meals. I am working on incorporating even more nutrient rich vegetables into my meals....something we all need to do.
 We got all three because we just had to try everything!
 Golden beet salad, the leftover greens & cilantro dressing, curried vegetable soup
The mustard sauce on the greens was insane! 

Casa is definitely a place to check out, enjoy and they even offer cooking & health classes. I would love to have breakfast and/or dinner there some time also. 

Then last weekend, I went to dinner with some girls who had heard about a new spot opening down near Bay Park. Kitchen 4140 supports sustainable and seasonal food and they even had a cute garden on the side of the restaurant!  Although, it is complete opposite from Casa de Luz with meats and cheeses that just melt in your mouth. Such a cute place, perfect for a date... or for a girls night.  We dined indulged on burrata, pork belly, short rib, risotto and homemade pasta noodles!   Ooooh, and I forgot to mention they don't serve alcohol so you can bring in your own wine & beer and they will just cork it for you.

I apologize for the lighting of the photos, quick phone pics in restaurant = yucky lighting.   

   Burrata Caprese Salad
Pork Belly w/ Vegetable Risotto
   Shrimp Pappardelle
Short Rib w/ Polenta and Vegetables

Of course we saved room for dessert, we couldn't help ourselves! The two girls I was with are fans of marshmallow so the Fluffer Nutter was an immediate choice.
We had wished there was more ice cream and that it didn't melt so quickly, but that just meant we got to eat it faster... the carmelized bananas were my favorite part!

Letting someone else provide a tasty meal for your tummy can be fun! Now back to my kitchen...

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