Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Homemade Tzatziki

Summer is beginning to creep through the May gray. BBQs are grilling. 
Fresh cold beverages quench our thirst. It's time for a cool, zingy dip.

Homemade Tzatziki
16 oz greek yogurt
2-3 cloves garlic
1 lemon (juice & zest)
1 English cucumber
1 Tbsp fresh, chopped dill
Salt & Pepper

Place greek yogurt, garlic cloves, zest from half the lemon and juice from entire lemon in food processor. Pulse until mixed well.  

Cut cucumber in half, scoop out seeds. Thinly slice cucumber.

Place half of the sliced cucumbers & dill into food processor. Pulse until cucumbers are chopped but not smooth.  (I like my tzatziki a little chunky) Salt & pepper to taste.  Then stir in remaining sliced cucumbers.  Dip away!
      Add more or less garlic & lemon zest depending on your preference
I like the English cucumbers, since you don't have to peel them. Persian cucumbers are great too for this dip! If you prefer a smoother texture, pulse all cucumbers into mix.

Enjoy with chopped vegetables for a snack, dipped with crackers or on a spinach salad!

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