Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grilled Grilled Cheese

What is that goodness, you ask?  A grilled, grilled cheese. sigh.

My friend and neighbor loves to grill. A few weekends ago I think he told me made every meal of the day on his BBQ. He's good at it and having fun experimenting with things to grill. So I had a bunch of leftover charcuterie that I had decided I wanted to make into "grilled" grilled cheese sandwiches.  
I tossed out the idea to Jeff and we had a new feast for dinner.
(1) Butter up your bread on both sides    (2) Piece together some amazing sandwiches
First up... brie, grilled onions and peppered beef round
Next... peppered turkey, brie and bacon. Yowza!
(Note: the bacon was also cooked on the grill)
Salami on a grilled cheese?! eeeh, why not!? 
A white wine & garlic salami and a peppered salami with brie.
Hiding in the top corner was the fourth and final sandwich... 
Peppered beef, new york cheddar and spinach
 Pop 'em on the grill
Oopsy, one got a little burned - I actually like it that way!
Then we cut them into little slices so we could try them all! Poor little burned toasties.
Dipped in homemade tzatziki. 
I wanted more...
 and more...

and more... 

The possibilities are endless here. Interested to know, if you were to create a grilled cheese sandwich, what would it be?

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