Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm bringing running back, yup!

I am back!! I can still run!

      5 weeks ago, I ran the San Dieguito half marathon with some friends.  It wasn't my best time, but I also wasn't able to train very hard as I was experiencing a sore heel and pulled muscle for parts of december and January. The race was fun and I loved doing that 13.1 distance again, but I was kind of glad the race was over so I could really rest my heel. So basically, running was out of the question for a while.
              I have used the last few weeks to rest my muscles, incorporate cross training, get back to the gym and read a lot :) Finally, today I knew I had to hit the pavement again. I was scared to see how my heel would feel or that I might be so slow! I started telling myself "Just do 1 mile..." I almost even gave up before I started because my Garmin wasn't charged. But I went anyway, ran my normal warmup mile and felt so good that 5 miles later... I cruised back to my apartment feeling so strong! I was on a super high - I could still run! I hadn't lost it! I wasn't in any pain! Actually excited about running again!                                                            

Cardio plan for the week:
Monday - run
Tuesday - morning gym workout
Wednesday - morning gym workout/run after work
Thursday - run & tap class
Friday - kickboxing
Saturday - sleep in
Sunday - long(er) run??

Think I can do it? 

Finally looking forward to my next race! Now I just need to get back out there with my running buds!

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