Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekly Sweat Stats 7/17-7/22

      This week had its ups and downs. Downs because of body fatigue but a lot of ups also!  No point in dwelling on the downs, summer break has begun and I have all the time in the world to rest, heal and clear my mind.  

     I spectated a triathlon for the first time this weekend at the Solana Beach Triathlon. I met a friend of mine in Del Mar and we ran a little over 2 miles to the swim start of the tri.  I was very interested to watch the athletes start, crowd control and the transitions from sport to sport.  There were athletes of all ages and shapes! I know I will be able to do this!  My first tri is Septemeber 8, so about 6 1/2 weeks away.  I have been running and swimming, but still really scared of road biking.  I can already do the 24.8 miles on a flat course, but up a steep hill (twice!), is going to be a challenge. Anywho - let's just say, watching this weekend was exciting, motivating and pushed me to get my gears going (pun intended).

   The earlier part of my week was strickened with leg cramps and some ankle pain again. I was so upset about it, that I almost sold my bib for AFC half marathon (which is in about a month). Instead, I took it easy for a few days, took a few baths, massaged legs and started taking potassium & magnesium supplements again.   By Thursday, I was feeling a lot better and went out for a pain-free run. I was thrilled!!  I think my cramping had a lot to do with little sleep and the swollen legs I was getting during the work day from standing around in a 98 degree classroom! blech. Friday was the last day of school, so now I can stand or sit down whenever I feel like. neener, neener, neener.

   The next few weeks, I am going on two vacations. There will be a lot of indoor workouts (treadmill = yuck!), but this upcoming week I am still home. So I am making sure to take full advantage of having my bicycle and a lap pool nearby.  As I approach the next few months of races, I will be reminding myself that it is about the accomplishment - not the best time or a personal record.  Bottom line...I want to finish.

Here's what I did last week:

Weekly Sweat Stats 7/17-7/22
Monday: spin bike & 500 yard swim
Tuesday: easy 4 miler (legs hurting)
Wednesday: 2 mile run & 1,012 yard swim - first 1,000 yard swim!
Thursday: 4 mile run
Friday: day off
Saturday: 8 mile easy run
Sunday: 2 mile run to the Solana Beach Tri and back = 4 mile run

Since triathlons are on the mind, I want to wish my friends Tammy, Missi, Ian, Aren, Ashley and Lauren the best of luck this weekend on their Half-Ironman and Ironman races at Vineman!!!!   They have been training for months and this Saturday is finally the big day. I can't wait to hear about their adventures.  Good luck to them!

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