Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Sweat Stats 7/2-7/8

       What a wacky week of workouts! (I'm a little behind on my update..oopsy!)  I did a lot of cross training and it sure was FUN!    I ran, I swam and I hiked. And boy did I hike struggle through!

         I was invited to join a group that was hiking Mount San Gorgonio.  I knew that it was an all day hike, climbing to an elevation of about 11,000 ft but I had no idea how long and grueling it would be. We drove about 2 1/2 hours north of San Diego and spent the night in a cabin about 10 minutes from the trailhead. The goal was to start hiking by 6:30am because it was projected the hike would take up a total of 12 hours round trip. Yikes! First 2 miles were killer and we were already wondering what the heck we got ourselves into. We hiked up the woods, past beautiful views and practically scaled some Sahara Desert on the side of the mountain, totally 9.3 miles to the top. It took us 7 hours to reach the summit; with water, bathroom and snack breaks included.  To put into perspective how steep it was, the climb up was 7 hours but going down took about 4! Quite a difference!

Working my way up the side of the mountain, loooooong stretch toward the summit.

        When we reached the top, we felt #1) void of energy and #2) very proud.  

Fun fact:  The summit of Mt. San Gorgonio is the highest point in Southern California!

                          A beautiful clearing with about 2 miles left until we complete our trip

So.... it was quite an eventful week, here are my stats:

Week of 7/2-7/8

Monday: 10 mile bike ride, 880 yard swim
Tuesday: 6 mile run
Wednesday: day off (aka hang out with girlfriends and snack & indulge all day)
Thursday: 8 mile run
Friday: stretch & core
Saturday: 18.6 mile hike to the highest summit in So Cal
Sunday: rest & foam roll!!!

This week is already half over, I will be updating again soon. Now get out there and sweat!

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