Thursday, August 9, 2012

Best Fruit Salad You've Ever Had

3 ingredients. Plums. Nectarines. Mint.  Done.

Poor little fruits, waiting to be munched.
I'm sure it would be tasty with a glass of that Moscato too...
Juicy, red plums!!! How did I miss out on these as a child?

Stone Fruit Salad
(serves 1-2 people)
2 sliced red plums
2 sliced white nectarines
Fresh mint leaves (I used 2 sprigs)

Toss together and let sit for a few minutes, allowing the mint leaves to soften and melt their flavors into your fruit.  Then voila! You are on your way to enjoying a surprisingly, amazing fruit salad.

So I will admit, I am not sure if these are red or black plums. I have been buying ripe plums whenever I can find them at the farmer's market or at Sprouts. I was enjoying ones with red flesh inside and the next week, suddenly the same plums were yellow inside. I asked the guys at the market and at the store, some said they didn't know why they varied and one guy told me the organic red plums were red inside, while non-organic was yellow. I thought black plums were red inside so then I was reeeeeally confused.   If anyone knows the answer to the plum mystery, any help is appreciated! But either way, find some juicy plums - I just like the color these add. 

I guess you could add in strawberries, peaches or other stone fruit.

        Now go to the market, buy some plums and nectarines and indulge in summer's sweets.


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