Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekly Sweat Stats 8/6-8/19

     The past two weeks were filled with travel, relaxation, humidity and a lot of sweating.  I went on vacation for 8 days to Playa del Carmen with a good friend. It was much needed to relax my muscles and cross-train eat and drink. Training was all over the place, but I did what I could wanted to while on vacation.  We were constantly sweating from the heat and walked everywhere, so even if we were indulging a bit - it was sweating right back out. Or at least that's what I'd like to think.

One day, we ventured out on an excursion. Just a few more ways I kept active and moving...

 Repelled into a cenote...

 Ziplined through the Mayan Riviera jungle....
Snorkeled through a cave...
Both Jeff & I were signed up for the AFC Half Marathon, so we squeezed in a few shorter runs on days it wasn't too hot.  If you don't know about Mexico weather, it can be pretty warm!!! It was mid 80s-90s with 90% humidity.  We were already pretty well trained but wanted to keep our legs loose and moving.

    AFC turned out to be a mess for most people. It was 78 degrees at the start at 7am, and continued to get warmer and warmer.  I felt really good up til mile 7, where I choked on some water at an aide station and proceeded to throw up.  Luckily/unluckily it was all fluid and no food, so I had energy still but no liquids. Slowly, I sipped on water through the next few miles as I jogged along heavily. My friend Heather found me on the course and ran beside me, motivating me til the finish. I ran a personal worst, 23 minutes slower than my best time. Yikes.  But truly, this race was meant to just keep me moving throughout the summer. And whether it was after a long day at work or during humidity on vacation, I kept moving.

Weekly Sweat Stats 8/6-8/12

Monday: 50 minute (5 miles) on elliptical, core and strength training
Tuesday: 1300 m swim, track workout 5 x 800m repeats with a short warm up lap and cool down laps in between (equaling about 3.8 miles)
Wednesday: 21 mile ride, 2 mile run
Thursday: travel day, super sweaty dance off
Friday: nada
Saturday: 5.5 mile run
Sunday: 1000 m swim

Weekly Sweat Stats 8/13-8/19

Monday: excursion day!
Tuesday:  3 mile run, 50 minute on spin bike
Wednesday: 50 minutes on spin bike
Thursday: travel day
Friday: 3 miler
Saturday: rest & stretch
Sunday: AFC half marathon, 13.1 miles

We survived a hot race day!

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